Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dr. B Explains Tethered Cord

Here is the latest video on TETHERED CORD ~ Dr. B at TCI explains tethered cord in layman's terms ~ he throws in some dry humor, too.


Dan and Tina said...

Hi Lacie,

I just had my testing today for TCI, recieved my disc and to my untrained eye, it looks like I may have TC too. I'll know more tomorrow (actually today!) I'll be posting to my blog if I have the energy after.
BTW... Love your blog!

Take care and take it easy!

Dan and Tina said...

I've been surfing your blog. TONS of very helpful info here! You have done a great service to people like me by posting this info.

Thanks again!

jnell_fricke said...

This site is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for relaying all of this information in a way that "normal" people can understand.

Thank you again!