Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alternative Therapies

Updated 4/15: Seriously I have only heard from one person. Any ideas people? Don't worry I won't state your name, just suggestions. Any home remedies or such that work for you? For any of your Chiari symptoms btw.

Hi all!
I am putting together a post on alternative therapies. I know my pain doc suggested yoga, massage and TENS. (i hate pills so he is at least trying here!)
What alternative therapy have you tried to help ease pain or other symptoms?
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I will add any suggestions that you all have.

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Anonymous said...

There are more chiari symtoms than a post could hold but they all come from the brain pushing into or on the spinal cord and pushing on nerves.So logic is lift the head to get off the spinal cord, either a traction device, or a cervical support to lift and support.TCI puts people in CTO orthotics or home traction.
Linda S

Carolyn said...

I use massage therapy as much as I can afford insurance covers a good part of it. This only helps with muscle tension in neck and back, not pressure headaches.

I love ice packs...for overheating and for headaches. I put an ice pack anywhere that hurts.

I use analgesic creams on my neck, like icy-hot, tiger balm, and sports creme.

I use lidocaine patches on my spine. These can be prescribed by any doctor.

Physical therapy is a huge help for me. I strengthen my neck muscles, improve my posture, and try to build cardiovascular strength and muscle tone. This just makes everything a bit easier. I have a personal trainer that helps me to exercise safely by monitoring my heart rate and doing many exercises sitting or laying down, since I can't handle standing.

Anonymous said...

I have just found your Blog. I am heading to get a better diagnois in September. I have had a Decompression in 06 and that relieved one of my symptoms now I need to find what else is wrong with me. (too many symtoms to list , more by the day)I have tryed pneumatic (air) traction, heat, cold and everything else that I can think of on my neck, back and lower back but nothing has helped. My doctors have all washed there hands of me. I am on my own little "zipper head" journey. I have enjoyed all of the support groups I have found they truly help. RB

Queli said...

How did it go in September?

Thanks so much for your feedback! Will update asap. Also working on website which this will help with =)