Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Coping Mechanisms

Exactly how DOES one get through brain surgery, recovery, and life in general? If I cut through all the seriousness, which I do love to do, here are my recommendations. I have been beta testing all of them, with varying degrees of success, and can quite honestly say they have made the past year much more bearable.

1. If you're single, sign up for an online dating site.
2. Buy a really expensive European designer scarf to cover your landing strip.
3. Plan a trip. Or trips. Or career change for when you recover. And invite along a family member you're trying to make peace with, then plot in secret to sell them once you reach North Africa, which they'll have never seen coming, because they think after brain surgery you're all calm and peaceful and forgiving.
4. Get a cute physical therapist, preferably with an accent and who plays contact sports.
5. Take up a musical instrument. The more obscure, the better. You don't have to learn to play it while recovering, just start thinking about all the covers to your favorite songs you can butcher.
6. Blog a lot. It helps to hear others voices and perspectives, especially for a condition where so little is known. But maybe do it anonymously, so your doctors don't read it and refuse to treat you any more for "slander".