Tuesday, November 18, 2008



I just joined this blog recently so I thought I would introduce myself and I can tell you a little more about my story later.

I am a fellow chiarian and had surgery February 6, 2008. The primary reason for my surgery was debilitating headaches which started becoming severe in July '06. My finger tips from about halfway down from the last knuckle on were completely dead to feeling. I was having great difficulty swallowing and had to drink with each bite and avoided meats and drier foods that just don't go down as easily. I also had ringing in my ears and a few other annoying but not so serious symptoms.

I am married to a wonderful man and have four beautiful children. Probably my biggest regret with all of this has been that I have not been able to be much of a mom to my kids for quite a while. There ages are 13, 11, 6 & 5. My youngest two don't remember me ever being healthy and able to do fun things with them which breaks my heart.

I have been reading back posts as I have time and it seems like each of you have had life totally change with chiari. I am sorry that this has happened to each of you!


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Queli said...

Thanks Cindy! I bet you are not alone in feeling that Chiari has effected your parenting. We are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings And when one area is majorly compremised, all parts of us feel it.