Monday, January 7, 2008


Who says all dirty words only have four letters?
The thing is that acceptance would be easy if we only had to do it once.
Unfortunately, we come across this need everytime Chiari changes in any way.
I was all about acceptance until I had to have another surgery.

Then I found myself feeling like a teen, trying to figure out who I am and what I am going to do with my life. All of a sudden feeling almost as lost as I did that first day I stumbled through the words "Arnold What?"

Acceptance is a hard one....and I would love to say it gets easier.....but that hasn't been true for me. Heck, we come to points with big decisions to make, or hurdles we have to climb.

Acceptance does however, come quicker each time...using the experience of trial and error from past experience to egg me on.
What makes it hard is that I have to keep going through self-discovery. Who am I now? or even What will my limits or benefits be?....from whatever course of action that is suggested.

Talking with friends with other chronic illnesses, this re-visit time and time again to acceptance is pretty much the norm.............even for something as abnormal as Chiari.
I think perhaps even more with Chiari because we don't have as much information when if comes to ACM.
However, we do have each other, and each other's experiences.

Thanks everyone who has walked with me through one or two of my walks on the path to acceptance.

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