Monday, October 22, 2007

Holy Hair Batman

Ok, so I brought up hair again.

It has been a constant concern for the last several weeks since I haven't had any from the scalp down.

The ponytail fall
Pros: worked well combining it to my existing hair in the front. It as also good because it only takes seconds to go it, and is an instant hair-do.

Cons: It is heavy, and caused some added neck dicomfort. Also I felt a little I-Dream-Of-Genie at times with a ponytail that has to hang high (since it has to attach to some kind of hair)

Pros: Slip it on, and instant hair. You can buy a couple and switch em out for different moods.

Cons: For long hair, could not work well. For me, I had to ditch the wig. I started out with long hair, so now I still have long hair on the top and sides. The wig looked odd with that much hair tucked under it. My hairdresser said I could cut the top and sides so it would fit better......but I am not ready to let go of the hair I have left.

Pros: Quick and easy

Cons: Not so attractive. Feels like an obvious that I am hiding the scar and baldy areas.

And finally... the one I have been waiting to be able to use
Hair tracks

Pros: I love em!!! I got the ones made of human hair, the same color as my own. They glue in, and can stay in thru washes and such, until I decide to take them out.

Cons: Made need help gluing them in. The scar is an issue also. You don't neccessarily want to glue the pieces to the scar which of course is in the center of the wreck. I glued two tracks in close to the crown, where my scar is fairly healed, and just left a small part unglued in the center, at the point of the scarline.
note: You also need some hair growth before you can use this option.

Anyhow, that has been my journey through hair options.

So far, I find the track working the best. When I go out, only the people that know me, know it isn't my hair... And most of the people who know me are amazed and confused that my hair is back.

Yesterday was my first outing with the tracks, and it was the first time I felt like I looked fairly normal......and thus the only time I felt like messing with making myself up some.........because I felt less like someone who just had brain surgery, and more like everyone else out there.


lace1070 said...

Now that's putting your boredom and creative energies to work ~ maybe you will fine tune what works best by the time I have my surgery! ~Lace

Puglet said...

I still vote for really expensive bohemian silk scarfs..then you can affect the whole attituted, as well, and wear lots of silver bracelets and talk about karma and drink herbal teas